Angels Make Their Hope Here by Breena Clarke

Angels Make Their Hope Here  Breena Clarke has just released her third novel, Angels Make Their Hope Here.  Breena, an Oprah Book Club pick for her first novel River Cross My Heart, has written a powerful novel. Its strong characters and dialogue draw you into the lives and experiences of a fictional free black, and mixed race community living outside of Paterson, New Jersey before the Civil War.  Its a great story and you’ll learn some history too. The story of blacks living in the North is rarely told and in this novel the possibilities and limitations imposed by white supremacy are narrated with subtlety and a compelling attention to detail.

Breena’s novel is published by Little, Brown, part of the Hachette group, who are currently involved in a huge dispute with Amazon over pricing e-books. Amazon is holding up delivery of Hachette authors.  You can order her novel from any independent bookstore. Visit her website for more information about how to get this fabulous book.  Full disclosure her older sister, poet Cheryl Clarke, is my partner.

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